Home Automation

Put Your Home on Autopilot

Wouldn't it be great if your lights automatically turned off when you left the house? Or your home disarmed to let your child in after school? Just wait and see what your home can do with ADT PulseSM. Home automation used to be expensive and complicated. Today with ADT PulseSM, it's easy for you and your family to enjoy the convenience, security and potential savings of home automation.

Gary can use ADT PulseSM to control his lights when he is away from home which can help save money.  Learn More

Home Automation Features:

  • Lighting and Thermostat Control: Easily automate lights and thermostats that are connected to your system to limit energy waste.

  • Put Home on Autopilot: Set up recurring events. For example, unlock the door for your housekeeper at the same day and time every week. Or set up lights to go off when the alarm goes on.

  • Customize Your System: Add additional appliances, lights, entertainment components and other devices to personalize your home's system.

  • Security Alerts: Your home can automatically notify you via text or email of emergency conditions such as fire, intrusion or dangerously low temperatures in your home, even when you're away.

  • Custom Notifications: Set up your system to get notified when your child comes home from school or when the housekeeper arrives at your home via email and text messages as well as video clips.

Get the Most Out of Home Automation

Manage your home's system from your iPhone or iPad by downloading this easy to use app. Learn More

Watch secure real time video and stored video clips of events of monitored areas of your home. Learn More

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