Your very own personal command centre

With the ADT PulseSM online portal, you're connected to your home in a whole new way. Via secure access from any web-enabled computer, you can view secure live video of your home, set up custom schedules, automate lights and thermostats for energy efficiency, and much more.

Watch this video to see the ADT PulseSM online portal in action.

What you can do with your Portal:

The ADT PulseSM web portal provides a private, secure access to your home for you to monitor and manage your home's security. You'll also be able to view and send pictures or video, review home event history, set up email and text alerts, and customize your system by adding additional lights, appliances and devices.

Once you've signed in, the top of the web portal displays the name of your site and a welcome message that includes your name, the current date, a Sign Out link, the date and time of your last sign-in and the number of failed sign-in attempts since your last sign-in, if any.

Below the information lines are six tabs:

Summary Tab: Depending on your plan, your summary page displays a quick overview of your home:

  • Whether the security panel is armed, disarmed, or sounding an alarm
  • The overall state of devices and what connection path is being used
  • The current status of your devices
  • Device activity that might be considered unusual
  • Recent pictures
  • Recent video clips
  • The schedules set up to run today

History Tab: Displays the following types of information for a specific period of time.

Alerts Tab: Provides information to you about what is happening at your home when you are away. You can set up your portal to send email and/or text messages (SMS) to any web-enabled computer, or mobile device, or cell phone, alerting you or someone you designate to each type of event or the absence of an event. You determine the type of notification, who is notified, and what kinds of events you want to know about.

Automations Tab: Links a change in one device with the action of another device. For example, to know what time your teenager got home from school, you might set up an automation so a camera takes a picture if a door/window sensor detects an open door between the hours of 3 and 5. You can create any number of automations and specify in which home management modes they operate.

Schedules Tab: Allows you to manage your home, help your family and friends, or control your business. Schedules enable you to control your devices, such as thermostats, lights, and cameras, as well as the site itself.

System Tab: Lists all of the installed devices on your site and the status of each.

Language Preference: ADT PulseSM is now available in French Canadian. Now get text and email messages and more - all in a language you prefer. English or French. Select your preference at https://portal-ca.ADTPulse.com.

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