ADT Pulse Approved Devices

To get the best possible experience from the ADT Pulse system, it is important that you use only devices that have been tested and approved by ADT.

Approved Touchscreen

Manufacturer Description Model
UTC 7" Touchscreen Device IS-TS-0700-B
Only for use with ADT Pulse Solution

Approved Wireless Camera

Manufacturer Description Model
Sercomm Wireless Bookshelf Indoor Camera RC8021-ADT
Sercomm Wireless Outdoor Camera OC810-ADT
Only for use with ADT Pulse Solution

Approved Wi-Fi Extender

Manufacturer Description Model
NETGEAR Extends wireless coverage for ADT Pulse WiFi devices such as wireless cameras and Touchscreens. WN2RPADT-1ADNAS
Only for use with ADT Pulse Solution

Approved Encoders

Manufacturer Description Model
Sercomm Video camera encoder module for external hardwired camera applications. NV412A-ADT
Only for use with ADT Pulse Solution

Approved Z-Wave-Enabled Devices

Z-Wave-enabled devices are wireless home control products that have been designed to communicate with each other via low-power radio waves. Z-Wave devices currently approved for use with the ADT Pulse system include:

Manufacturer Description Model
RCS Digital Thermostat TZ45
Jasco/GE Dimmer Lamp Module 45602WB
Jasco/GE On/Off Lamp/Appliance Module 45603WB
Jasco/GE On/Off Light Switch 45609WB
Jasco/GE Dimmer Light Switch 45607WB &
Jasco/GE Auxiliary Light Switch
(use with 09 or 07 in three-way applications)

We are working to provide an ever-expanding list of innovative device offerings for our ADT Pulse customers. Each time a new device is approved for use with the system, we will add it to this list.

Use of non-approved devices

Should you attempt to use a non-ADT-approved device with the ADT Pulse system, you may find that it does not easily integrate into the system, or does not respond in a way that meets your expectations. If you have problems with a non-ADT-approved device, please contact your retailer or the manufacturer for assistance. Only ADT-approved devices are supported by the ADT Product Support Teams.

It is for this reason that we strongly encourage ADT Pulse customers to use only ADT-approved devices.

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